Social Studies 10

Nigeria Population Report Reflection

  • Nigeria’s population is growing at an unbelievable rate: its population is projected to exceed 300 million (about as big as the United States). The quality of life of Nigerians is decreasing because of poor population management.
  • On the other hand, Japan is experiencing a rapid decline in population. It has become a problem but people are unwilling to have children.
  • Birth rate is affected by many factors such as tradition, culture, religion, government, education, availability of contraception – in Africa and Latin America, the traditional family is very large compared to most Asian countries who have only 1 to 2 children per family. This is because different cultures/religions hold different values about family planning.
  • People, especially children living in countries experiencing rapid population growth must be better educated about the effects of overpopulation. If the young children learn and understand family planning, they can make a change for their country.
  • In countries like Japan, where population is decreasing, the government must provide good incentives for couples to get married and have children. In my personal opinion, I think the Japanese government should spend less money on old people and put more effort in encouraging childbirth.

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